Lauren’s Kitchen: How About a Summer Reset?

July 9, 2015

summer reset

Yes, it is true that in my dream world all of you would be following a plant-based diet to the “T” day in and out and no one would need a reset. Then there is reality…and vacations…and family gatherings…and holiday weekends like the one we just had and suddenly you find you have strayed so far you can’t even remember why you were following this plant-based idea in the first place. Sadly, that happens to be the time when many throw in the towel and give up completely on their ability to eat whole and clean on a regular basis.

Ten Day Diet Reset Meal Ideas

I have another idea! How about this—instead of giving up on yourself, you actually believe in your abilities to make change and love your body enough to do a 10 day reset? Will this 10 day reset detox your body from all that you have been feasting on? Honestly? Not completely, but it’s a great start and most importantly will reset your cravings by reducing the acid levels and give you some structure to follow on day 11 and beyond—which is exactly what you need and why you should do it.

So who’s in? 

I’ve had a bit of fun getting this ready for you all and I hope you can let yourself have fun with this process as well. While eating clean is serious business when it comes to your long term health and wellbeing, preparing and eating your meals should be pure pleasure.

Here’s the program I suggest you follow for the purpose of resetting your pH levels, improving digestion, and giving your energy levels a boost. Just know this isn’t a magic detox. It’s ten days of mindful eating to reset your course of food choices moving forward.

You daily meal plan should look like this:

Morning: fresh fruit, fresh squeezed juice or all fruit smoothie on an empty stomach. Please consume as much as you can.

Mid Morning: all fruit smoothie or fresh juice, OR a mixed fruit and veggie smoothie and juice, OR a bowl of cut fruit. (Again, no restrictions on the amount consumed. Have as much as you need to feel full.)

Midday: salad or leftovers from your evening meal. If that’s not an option, consider a vegan soup and salad combination from a local source. (ATX readers, consider the Soup Peddler and use FAVOR to deliver it to your office!)

Late Afternoon: raw veggies and hummus, apples/carrots with almond butter, or a banana, nut butter, date & raw cacao smoothie.

Evening meal: start with a full plate of raw veggies or a raw fruit salad and a meal of your choice off my Ten Day Reset Pinterest board. You”ll find a healthy selection of seasonal soups, raw and cooked salads and hot meals to meet a variety tastes.

I would love to hear your experiences and any tips you might want to share with others. Feel free to post questions or comments on my Facebook page.


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