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Lauren’s Favorites: A Gift Giving Guide

If Oprah can have a “Favorites List” then I guess we should have one too! Over the years I have shared with you my ‘must haves’ for enjoying the benefits of a plant based diet. If you have a veggie lover in your life or if you are well on your way to being a…

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How We Changed Our Input

Last August we returned from our summer travels in Europe and made some dramatic changes to how we fed and cared for our bodies. Twelve months later not only have we kept up the changes we made—I think we have even improved on them. Why we did it With my growing practice and longer hours…

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3 Tips for Keeping a Simple Kitchen

The biggest challenge I faced when we made the big shift to the Radically Simple Diet was finding the balance of the right amount of fresh food to keep on hand and not letting any spoil. Shopping once a week just wasn’t enough and I found myself passing along too wilted veggies and greens to…

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The Living Well Diet

The concept of changing the input to improve the output is not rocket science and can be applied across the board to multiple scenarios. Today we will apply it to our bodies. I recently shared an updated 4 step process that I follow with my clients to restore the body’s natural ability to clean and heal itself.…

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