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Notes From Europe: Back at Oma’s Home

I’m writing today from the terrace overlooking my mother-in-law’s well tended garden. It bursts with blossoms of every color and the stone path leads to vegetable beds that, with care and nurturing, have produced an abundance of goodness for over fifty-five years. At the moment, the tomatoes hang heavy on their vines and the salad…

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The People You Might Meet

The retreat I led early on this month was held at La Maison du’ Cedre owned by Jean and Marie. Over the course of my days on their property I came to appreciate the beautiful gardens of their place as well as the warmth and hospitality the couple exude. Seeing copies of their books I…

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My Version of France

When I share with fellow Americans that I am spending a month in France I can only imagine what must come to mind. Images of bustling outdoor cafes, rich meals, baguettes, pastries, exquisite cheeses, shopping and yes some of the best wines in the world. While there is nothing wrong with this part of French…

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A Gemmotherapy Immersion Retreat in the Pyrenees

As I entered the gated entrance to La Maison du Cedre, I sensed an unfamiliar apprehension. While I normally embrace new teaching experiences, this would be my first time teaching in France. Questions swirled within me of what and who might lie ahead. Before these seeds of doubt could take their grip I came across…

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Notes From Europe

Although I had viewed countless times the address of our home for the month of July on Google maps, nothing quite prepared me for the narrow ascending gravel road that lay before us. Yes, I knew that the farmhouse was located just outside the local village on a dead-end road, but this incline was something…

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Notes From Europe: Dream Big

Have you ever set your sites on a dream and worked to make it happen?  Perhaps you have your eye on one right now and with a few shifts it could become your reality. Here’s my story of a recent dream come true with the hope it will encourage you to take your own bold,…

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