Taking Charge Of Your Fertility II: Factors Impacting Men

Hey guys- I have some news for you too! While having a child may not be on your mind now, chances are high it will be someday and how you care for your health in the present plays a vital role in the health and well being of your future child. Women may be tasked with carrying the developing baby but the quality and quantity of male sperm has much to do with whether a viable life is created.


Quality and quantity of sperm isn’t really something young adolescent males are taught to protect. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t taken under any consideration until a partner is unable to conceive. And yes, the chance of infertility is similar between men and women. Statistically in male/female couples unable to conceive, 40% of the time the cause is the male partner.

Today the World Health Organization states that one in four male/ female couples from developing countries is unable to conceive. That is a pretty staggering number given that fertility is a natural response in the human body.

It is a mission of mine to spread the word about fertility in both men and women and my purpose is twofold:

  • Make the factors that influence and reduce common fertility knowledge so individuals can take charge of protecting their fertility.
  • Inform and instruct individuals in natural proven methods that can improve their health in general as well as their fertility.

Organs Needing Protection

When we think of fertility in men we tend to think of sperm but there are actually glands at the opposite end of the body that are as vital. These are the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland. These two glands release the hormones that trigger healthy production of sperm. The health and function of these glands has a lot to do with the lymphatic system and how well it has cleaned and moved acidic waste from the head over the life of the man in question. When the lymphatic system has been stagnant, a state of acidosis is caused and there are clear symptoms present.

These symptoms are all associated with acidosis of the head, affecting the glands that produce the hormones to trigger sperm production.

acidosis head

These symptoms are all associated with acidosis of the lower body, also affecting sperm quality and quantity.

acidosis lower body

Specific Cautions for Men

So what should males of all ages avoid to protect themselves from developing states of acidosis?

  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, recreational drugs
  • Exposure to antibiotics and long-term use of prescription medications
  • Soft drink consumption
  • Overwork
  • Exposure to electromagnetic fields (particularly mobile phones kept in pockets or used without a headset and laptops in laps)
  • Toiletry products (which provide an estrogen effect)
  • Consumption of estrogen treated animal products (chicken, dairy, soy)

How Gemmotherapy Protocols Help Fertility In Men

Gemmotherapy protocols begin by shifting the pH balance of the male body overall, creating an alkaline state to enhance fertility. The protocols are selected by accessing the state of elimination, vitality, and inflammation then combined with a plant based diet in order to optimize elimination. The ability of the body to clean optimally enhances the function of the male fertility support organ/ systems mentioned above.

Important to note is that Gemmotherapy protocols will clean, fortify, and restore rather than pushing weak organ systems to perform. Due to this unique action, fertility is addressed at its root. In this series, I will go into further detail on these protocols and how they specifically benefit men and women.

Gemmotherapy extracts are derived from specific plants and shrubs that have been historically known for their healing properties. Different from traditional herbal medicines, Gemmotherapy extracts contain embryonic plant tissues that offer tremendous regenerative capabilities, much like human stem cells.

While Gemmotherapy is safe for all ages, there is a small selection of the 60 extracts available that are proven successful in supporting fertility in women and men.

Learn more about Gemmotherapy by purchasing my on demand webinars, reading Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care, or by joining me in Berkeley, California on Friday, October 21st for seminars on Gemmotherapy for Acute Care and/or Gemmotherapy 101 & 102 for Chronic Symptoms.

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