The Inside Scoop on Birth Control: Endometriosis

In this recent series, “The inside scoop on birth control” I have shared the reasons suppressing a menstrual cycle can be problematic, addressed the birth contol dilemma head on and told one woman’s story of the price her health paid while using a very convenient and highly popular birth control method.

Today I’d like to share a story about a woman who came to my practice experiencing severe endometrial pain during each menstrual cycle and with each bowel movement. Additionally, her bowel movements were becoming increasing more frequent and unformed over time.

Where the story began
Several years before we met, Margaret sought help for the pain she experienced before and during her menses each month. This was a symptom she had suffered with since her teens and was assumed by her physician to be endometriosis, a conditional that can only be diagnosed through surgery. The pain Margaret felt increased dramatically when she had bowel movements. In an effort to ease her pain, her MD suggested a period suppressing birth control pill. The plan was for her to have a period only twice a year. This, of course, reduced the number of times a year she dealt with the pain, however, what occurred was an extreme amount of bleeding twice yearly. So extreme was Margaret’s bleeding that she could not leave the house or even move about for eight days. She was unable to leave her bed, laying on towels until the bleeding subsided. While the pain was now more or less eliminated, this bleeding was unbearable.  Clearly this was not the answer.

Relieving endometriosis pain

What seemed like a good idea
Still searching for answers, Margaret next met with an ob/gyn doctor who suggested this plan: two weeks of estrogen to stop the bleeding and then the implantation of the Mirena IUD to stop the growth of what appeared to be endometriosis.

What she began to notice
Margaret now had bleeding each month, but that eventually tapered off with the Mirena in place. However, what came next was weight gain, depressive symptoms and what she described as a “horrible feeling inside.” Gradually the abdominal pain before each bowel movement returned and she suffering with it for another two and a half years before she found my practice.

My perspective
I am certain Margaret’s symptoms began even before her first menstrual cycle. My prediction would be that she had poor elimination from the start. When puberty came, the body found a great way to eliminate—and that happened to be through her uterus. The painful and heavy menses was due to all of the lymphatic stagnation and congestion in her abdomen causing inflammation. The more time went on the greater the inflammation. Suppressing the one way her body had found to eliminate (her menses) with the first round of birth control pills was not going to be Margaret’s answer and neither was the Mirena IUD. Supporting the bowels and the kidneys to clean optimally with a Gemmotherapy protocol was going to be our starting place.

I’ll point out here that Margaret had already changed her diet to nearly the one I suggest for my clients four years before we met. She was dairy and gluten free eating mostly whole, plant-based foods. With this diet she had already improved the load of inflammatory foods and was at the perfect place for Gemmotherapy support as the next step.

Her Response
After a few weeks of the minor tweaks to her diet (adding the all-fruit breakfast) and beginning the first gemmotherapy extract, Margaret’s stools began to change. They became formed and reduced to 2-3 times daily. At this point she had the Mirena IUD removed.

Our next step was for me to take the symptoms from her first, post IUD menses and find a Homeopathic remedy to support her healing at a constitutional level.

Margaret’s period following the first dose of remedy was the first pain free period she had experienced in 30 years. While the flow lasted slightly longer than I like to see, I knew it would shorten with each cycle, and it already has.

The Bottom Line
While there are years of inflammation in Margaret to clear out we will continue moving through the next three stages of cleaning now that her elimination has been regulated.

There are many Margarets out there suffering unnecessarily with menstrual pain and unable to find a solution that heals the root of their symptoms. The fact is that while suppressing the menstrual flow with hormonal birth control MAY relieve pain temporarily, the core problem still exists and doesn’t go away on its own.

Want to learn more?
I am passionate about helping women restore the natural rhythm of their body so they can live symptom free. A twenty minute introductory meeting (by Skype, Facetime or Phone) may help you or someone you know suffering from symptoms learn more about whether my method is a good fit for you.

My integration of Gemmotherapy, Homeopathy and a Plant-Based diet to support this absolutely natural process is called The Hubele Method. Currently the first two levels of online training are available here for those interested in learning more.

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