Gemmotherapy Answers: The Stages of Healing REDUX

July 20, 2015

Last week I explained how chronic symptoms will appear at particular stages in one’s lifetime when the basic functions of cleaning, eliminating and healing are compromised. I called on parents to be aware and responsive to very simple symptoms that appear in their baby or young child, one of those in particular is constipation. By parent’s responding EARLY the healing process is EASY! Taking care of simple constipation early in life can prevent a host of chronic problems from developing. The longer the body must compensate for its inability to clean, the more serious the symptoms become over time and the longer and more complicated the healing process.

Over the years in my practice it has become very apparent that the body moves through specific stages in order to completely heal—where symptoms no longer occur and the inflammation is not just relocated. Skipping steps isn’t an option if a lasting cure is desired. Last summer I began working with this idea and shared a blog post on the Stages of Healing. Since that time the process has matured and there is good news. Last year I saw that there were five stages of healing and now it seems there are only four—so there is one step less for your body!

These four stages have now become my core methodology and I am pleased to now begin sharing it with my clients and other like-minded practitioners. Just last May in Timisoara, Romania I had the honor of sharing The Living Well 4™ Methodology to two hundred physicians and pharmacists who believe in the body’s self healing capabilities and are looking for a treatment path to restore it.

I am pleased to share with you the Living Well 4™ in graphic form! Below you will see each stage of cleaning and what, based on my clinical practice, works best to support each stage—A Plant-Based Diet, Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy. Your awareness and understanding of each stage should help you chart your own healing progress. Your care and attention to your protocols is what will gauge your progress.

The Living Well 4 Clients

So, how do you know where you are in this process? It’s all dependent on the symptoms your body is producing. Here’s a simple outline to explain.

You are at Stage One if your elimination is not optimized, meaning you are not having two formed, easily passed bowel movements daily, and/or you are regularly waking at night to urinate.

You are at Stage Two if elimination has been optimized but you are having menstrual symptoms, bloating, skin conditions, headaches, painful inflammation anywhere in the body, sleep disturbances, or anxiety.

You are at Stage Three if elimination has been optimized and most of your symptoms mentioned in Stage Two have healed or are greatly reduced.

You are at Stage Four when your elimination is optimized, symptoms are healed and you need light support to manage inherited organ weaknesses or damage done by pharmaceuticals or physical injury.

Ready to start cleaning your body so it can heal naturally? I’d love to be your guide.  Check back next week and I will share the key starting point to the Living Well 4™—a plant-based diet.


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