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Bowls of various legumes (chickpeas, green peas, red lentils, canadian lentils, indian lentils, black lentils, green lentils; yellow peas, green mung beans) on wooden background
Heidelberren Streuselkuchen

Heidelberren Streuselkuchen

By Lauren | March 10, 2023

There was a chapter of my life when a freshly baked cake came out of my oven several times a week. We lived those days in Germany, I taught high school and often the first…

Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

By Lauren | November 4, 2022

There was something incredibly comforting about baking this in the midst of packing and listing our home for sale. In a week that felt like a tangle of loose ends, this loaf was solid and…

Buckwheat Crackers

Buckwheat Crackers

By Lauren | July 8, 2022

Thought these might be a lovely snack for my sweetheart. He’ll take them along on his cross Atlantic flight Monday, headed to Germany where he will be with his mom for a stretch post surgery. …

Gluten Free Scones

Scrumptious Sourdough Scones

By Lauren | March 25, 2022

Seriously if you haven’t started your GF sourdough do it today. All you need is a large mason jar or medium bowl, organic brown rice flour, and filtered water.  Getting started takes five days and…

Vegan Pistachio Rose Tea Cakes

Vegan Pistachio Rose Tea Cakes

By Lauren | March 12, 2022

Adapted from Pistachio Sandies,  Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple These are without a doubt the loveliest cookies I’ve had.  Tender, mildly sweet and with a hint of rose they make the perfect addition to your…

chocolate chunk cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

By Lauren | December 3, 2021

Makes 10 large or 16 small  cookies Adapted from Aran Goyoaga’s Olive Oil and Chocolate Cookies Ingredients 1 cup (140 g) light buckwheat flour  1/2 cup (50 g) finely-ground almond flour  1 teaspoon kosher salt …

Cherry Almond Biscotti

Almond Cherry Biscotti

By Lauren | November 5, 2021

While these delightful twice-baked bites keep well, you will have to hide them to do so. Adapted from Canelle Et Vanille Bakes Simple Ingredients 1 cup Super-fine Brown Rice Flour ¾ cup Sorghum Flour ¼…

Buckwheat Raisin Bread

Buckwheat Raisin Bread

By Lauren | July 30, 2021

For nearly a decade of my life, Saturdays meant roisenbrot day from Mahlzahn Backerei in Neuenheim, Heidelberg.  Picking up a loaf generally involved a morning walk across Bruckenstrasse with Sophie our Bernese Mountain Dog stopping…

Vegan Gluten Free Cake

Simple One Bowl Vegan GF Cake

By Lauren | July 16, 2021

Borrowed and adapted from Aran Goyoaga Cannelle et Vanille, this is the perfect Saturday cake. Whip it up just after lunch so it will be ready to slice with a cup of tea late afternoon.…

Zucchini Baba Ganoush

Zuchinni Baba Ganoush

By Lauren | July 1, 2021

This is one of those amazingly simple recipes with delightful complex flavors. Perhaps you could serve it alongside of this sourdough gluten free bread? Ingredients 5 medium zucchini 3 heaping tablespoons of tahini A splash…

Tahini cookies

Tahini Cookies

By Lauren | May 21, 2021

It’s a good thing I snapped a photo as soon as these cookies came out of the oven, otherwise, it would have been a missed opportunity.  The only effort in these yummy bites is in…

gluten free waffles

Vegan Gluten Free Sourdough Waffles

By Lauren | May 15, 2021

Yes, it’s totally possible. Waffles that are vegan, gluten-free, sourdough, AND A-Mazing!  If you actually made it through 2020 and did not make your own sourdough starter let this be the recipe to change that.…