Hear from clients and practitioners who have worked with Lauren Hubele for coaching and Gemmotherapy training.

Meghan Gemmotherapy Coaching Story

Meghan’s Coaching Story

By Lauren / September 21, 2018 /

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to Meghan from The Woodlands. She’s a 42-year old mother and wife with a successful career in business development. Meghan had family and friends who had worked with me in the past but always found herself too busy to seek help. When she did initiate an…

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Cassandra Tondro, Artist

Cassandra’s Coaching Story

By Lauren / September 17, 2018 /

Please allow me to introduce you to Ventura, CA-based artist and entrepreneur Cassandra Tondro. Cassandra and I met last spring when she felt that her health issues were keeping her from functioning optimally in her work and from doing things socially that she wanted to do. At the end of her eight-session coaching package I…

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