Exploration of Polyvagal Theory: Breath and your story of safety

Watch a baby breathe and you will see that they breathe with their entire body. There’s no holding back and that breath nurishes every cell. In today’s episode you will discover how to get some of that goodness for yourself.   With all that 2020 continues to deliver you might want to listen in to our conversation and take some notes.  This one’s packed with Asian Medicine, Polyvagal, and Gemmotherapy resources you will want to access for yourself and your loved ones.

The polyvagal theory is the masterful work of Dr. Stephen Porges that in short,  helps us see and understand habitual emotional patterns enough to interrupt them.  In this organic series of on the spot learning, Health educator and Gemmotherapy expert Lauren Hubele, Japanese Acupuncturist Maegan Lemp guests explore the use of the Polyvagal Theory as a guide for selecting extracts.