Exploring Polyvagal Theory: Are you disconnecting?

November 4, 2020

How do you know if your autonomic nervous system has dropped into the dorsal state? A fundamental question for today, as the challenges faced personally and as a community, may leave you emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed.

The biggest problem with the dorsal vagal state is that the access to the very resources that can help is lost. Befriending this state and having tools within an arm’s reach is what today’s conversation is all about. So grab some tea, and of course, a furry friend if you have one, and settle in for some healthy co-regulation. You won’t want to miss these tips and tools for navigating your way back to a ventral state of connection.

The polyvagal theory helps us see and understand habitual emotional patterns enough to interrupt them.  In this organic series of conversations, Health educator and Gemmotherapy expert Lauren Hubele, Japanese Acupuncturist Maegan Lemp and Passionate Polyvagalist Cameron Scott explore the use of the Polyvagal Theory and Gemmotherapy extracts to restore a sense of safety and connection.


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