Exploring the Polyvagal Lens: Our individualized responses to loss

November 17, 2020

The understanding of loss has greatly matured since Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s pioneering work of the late 60’s.  Since then it is universally accepted that loss is not a linear process.   However now with the information of Polyvagal Theory,  the autonomic responses are worth reviewing.  The subject of loss could not be more timely as we have all navigated major and minor losses this past year. Loss has shown up in a variety of shapes and textures from the heartwrenching loss of loved ones or the simple loss of a treasured daily routine. In this candid conversation with co-hosts Maegan Lemp and Cameron Scott, we allow the story of the loss to drop and instead take a close look at the possible felt experiences.

In this organic series of conversations, Health educator and Gemmotherapy expert Lauren Hubele, Japanese Acupuncturist Maegan Lemp and Passionate Polyvagalist Cameron Scott explore the use of the Polyvagal Theory and Gemmotherapy extracts to restore a sense of safety and connection. The polyvagal theory helps us see and understand emotional patterns enough to interrupt them and change how we habitually react.



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