Exploring Polyvagal Theory: A Holiday Survival Guide for your Nervous System

November 24, 2020

Every one of us has a nervous system and every one of us will no doubt face some flavor of emotional challenges over the holidays.  In this episode, we discuss the three states of the autonomic nervous system and how to navigate your own desires to fight, flee, or disconnect. Listen in to this insightful conversation between colleagues that brings a polyvagal approach to family gatherings.  I am sure you will resonate with a shared example or two.

In this organic series, Health educator and Gemmotherapy expert Lauren Hubele, Japanese Acupuncturist Maegan Lemp and Passionate Polyvagalist Cameron Scott explore the use of the Polyvagal Theory and Gemmotherapy extracts to restore a sense of safety and connection. The polyvagal theory helps us see and understand emotional patterns enough to interrupt them and change how we habitually react.


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