My International Team

My Team of International Gemmotherapists

I am so honored to introduce you to this fine team of these experts, each bringing their unique experiences and training to offer clients Gemmotherapy protocols to restore immunity. I can attest that each practitioner listed personally walks the talk and remains current on the most up to date information available on Gemmotherapy extracts. Although many are multi-lingual, all are fluent in English and offer remote sessions wherever you are in the world. To book a session, you may reach out to them individually via the contact information provided.

  • Megan Ethridge

    Family Health Care
    Gemmotherapy & Homeopathic Consultations

  • Lena Kozlovets

    Family Health Care
    Gemmotherapy & Homeopathic Consultations

  • Brigitte Florani

  • Dana Campean

  • Jhuma Biswas

  • Angel Angelov

  • Ana Sanduta

  • Maegan Lemp

  • Isabel Frankel

  • Chris Wahl

    Family Health Care
    Gemmotherapy and Homeopathic Consultations

  • Dee Webster

  • Tanya Renner

  • Susie Killian

Complementary Support

In addition to Gemmotherapy the path of wellness requires additional resources. I am so grateful to have worked directly with these practitioners who possess worlds of knowledge in their area of expertise. It is my pleasure  to share their work with you.

  • Cameron Scott

  • Lois MacNaughton

    Integral Master Coach ™

    Supporting Health Practitioners