Happy Healthy Babies Part III: Reflux

There are many wonderful benefits from working with babies but what strikes me the most is their dramatic response to a simple protocol. The root of a baby’s symptom is so clear; it is either what they are eating or an elimination organ that needs support.

In most situations, babies are not faced with the same complicated external contributors as adults such as a history of antibiotic treatments, injuries, missing organs, trauma, and stress. That is why the treatment babies receive in these early weeks and months of life are so critical. It is this early period when the immune system and it’s response is established for life. Parents, you are presented with a golden opportunity to set your child up with healthy digestion and optimal elimination both which contribute to a stable and strong immune system.

Sadly, this golden opportunity gets passed over time and time again. Well-meaning parents get caught in the loop of treating their child as opposed to healing their child. What is the difference? Well, treatment involves the use of a medication to stop/suppress the symptoms occurring while healing resolves the symptom at the root cause. Not only are the results remarkable in that moment but the cost of treatment to that baby’s health is felt over a lifetime.

Healing symptoms that occur due to poor elimination early in life is simple and straightforward when equipped with the right tools. I believe Gemmotherapy is a fabulous tool for every new parent and for practitioners who work with infants and children. Gemmotherapy extracts are unique as they use the meristems of trees and shrubs. This makes Gemmotherapy extracts the only medicine that can clean and restore organs on a cellular level. When it comes to babies and young children that process is short and simple.

It is important to note that it is a serious misconception that a baby’s elimination symptoms are actually outgrown. The issues caused by poor elimination only multiply, becoming more serious chronic conditions. Take a look at this article on childhood ailments to see what happens over time when something as simple as poor elimination in an infant is ignored.

In Happy Healthy Babies Part II I shared Ella’s story. Ella had difficulty settling into sleep after feeding or waking in distress shortly after she dropped off from exhaustion. As new parents, Ella’s were at a loss and wondered if her symptoms were “just normal.” We determined that they were not, just as Ella’s bowel elimination was not normal either.

Philips Story

This week, let’s take a look at Philip who struggled with reflux at 3 months of age. This is a common symptom among young babies as their digestive tracts mature. It can become a problem and worrisome to parents when it occurs after almost every meal and baby may not be gaining weight as expected. Pediatricians will suggest waiting it out or prescribe an acid blocking medication. Neither approach addresses the root of the symptoms.

I see many cases like Philip’s in my practice and am grateful to have use of a Gemmotherapy extract that supports the healthy development of an infant’s digestive tract. The action of Fig Gemmotherapy works precisely on the mouth to stomach portion of the digestive tract, exactly the root of the reflux symptom. Fig will support the organs themselves to mature and encourage healthy digestion.

As with Ella’s case last week, I instructed Philip’s mother to give him the drops directly in his mouth prior to nursing beginning with 4x daily until his reflux subsided. Once consistent with the dosage, an improvement was seen within the week. I advised continuing the 4x daily dosage until the reflux was no longer occurring and then continue 2x daily as a maintenance. Because Gemmotherapy extracts support healthy growth and development of organ tissue, instead of suppressing a symptom, the continued use is only helpful. I will check back in 6 weeks to see if the Gemmotherapy is still needed.

Has this has sparked your interest in Gemmotherapy? You can learn more about this topic in my latest book Building Immunity in Babies and Children. Looking for a deeper dive into the uses of Gemmotherapy? You may want to consider joining my upcoming Foundation of Gemmotherapy Series.