What Gemmotherapy Can Do For Dental Symptoms

March 30, 2019


Dental symptoms were not on my list when compiling the topics for this series – that is – until I was faced with a series of my own dental woes. It was hardly my first experience using Gemmos in this way, but it was the first time that it registered that these protocols would be of great value to others. This time around, the timing with this blog series and intensity of my symptoms presented too great of an opportunity to pass up.

Let me first remind you why Gemmotherapy extracts would even be considered for dental symptoms or any symptoms for that matter. Gemmo extracts are able to offer something prescription medication, over the counter medication or herbal remedies do not. The particular plant material used in the extracts, the young buds or shoots of the trees or shrubs, contain the plant equivalent of human stem cells: meristem cells. The inclusion of these cells in the extracts offer the unique simultaneous ability to clean, nourish and rejuvenate tissue. When used in a sequential manner supporting the body’s natural healing process immunity is restored.

Regardless of your symptoms, the fact that they have not resolved has everything to do with your immunity. If whatever therapy or protocol you are using is not focused on restoring your immunity your symptoms will not be resolved. And, most importantly, that therapy or protocol to restore your immunity must begin with optimizing elimination. Otherwise, your symptoms may be controlled, change or relocate, but they aren’t resolved.

Resolving symptoms at their root cause takes a commitment to make choices that support rather than suppress. When faced with acute pain or discomfort of dental symptoms that can be quite challenging. Typically dental symptoms are quite painful, and your focus is likely on making it go away, not the big picture of your health and immunity. This is unfortunate since dental health plays a much more important role than you may realize. When decisions are made from the perspective of “just making a symptom go away” those decisions are rarely supportive of your immunity.

Dental decay

Let’s begin by having a look at a simple yet common symptom, especially in young children: dental decay. It’s important for every parent to learn that even children with the cleanest whole food, plant-based diet will struggle if there is an imbalance in pH, particularly in the mouth and head. How would that imbalance occur? C-section births, premature delivery, and poor elimination that leads to frequent cycles of inflammation of the ears, nose, or throat. All of these are connected with a poor lymphatic cleaning process, leading to states of acidosis. In this case, this state affects the teeth and can lead to decay. The long term solution is to solve this from the root by restoring optimal elimination, lymphatic cleaning, and immunity in order to shift the pH. In the interim, however, upon the appearance of mild decay, the remineralization qualities of Silver Fir extract can be restorative.

Abscess or mouth sores

An abscess in the mouth or gums should always be checked by your health care practitioner. Once it’s determined to be a benign inflammation Walnut gemmotherapy extract would be the best choice for restoring healthy tissue.

Gum tenderness

Gum tenderness and inflammation after dental procedures can be resolved with the same formula used for seasonal allergies. The extracts would include Common Alder, Black Currant, and Dog Rose. These extracts can be applied topically with your finger directly to the gums.


There are two concerns post tooth extraction, pain and inflammation that would lead to infection. Supporting the immune system with Walnut gemmotherapy extract will prevent the risk of infection. Pain is best controlled with homeopathy, beginning with a dose of Arnica before and directly after tooth removal. Information on resolving continued pain can be found here. The most important point in self-care is to understand an extraction is quite a shock for your body and giving yourself the time needed to recover, supporting your immune system is critcal. Following an acute care plan as you would at the first signs of a flu or virus for a minimum of 24 hours is advised otherwise you may find yourself facing one or the other a week or so later.

Post-amalgam removal

Removing amalgam, mercury fillings puts quite a stress on the body. The greatest concern being the leaking of mercury into your bloodstream. Fortunately, we have two Gemmotherapy extracts, Mistletoe and Common Beech that together serve as an excellent support post-procedure. These can be taken together twice a day for four weeks following the removal.

If you would like further information on Gemmotherapy extracts, you’ll want to read my Beginner’s Guide on Gemmotherapy. Specific information on dosing Gemmotherapy extracts can be found in my books, An Introduction to Acute Care or Building Immunity in Babies and Children.

For individualized support, I recommend you consult with a practitioner trained in Gemmotherapy to restore immunity or consider working directly with me. Looking for a deeper understanding? Consider taking my next Foundations of Gemmotherapy series.

The information above is for educational purposes and not meant to replace the care and guidance of your health care practitioner.


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