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Acute Care 101: Your Acute Care Supply List

By Lauren | March 21, 2020

Stocking your pantry and fridge for a natural disaster is one thing, but stocking to prepare for illness in your household is quite different. Whether you are preparing for the current threat of coronavirus or…

Acute Care 101:  The Three Stages of Acute Care – Continued

By Lauren | November 17, 2015

Last week I shared Kelly’s story and discussed the early signs of an acute illness and the first two stages of treatment. In today’s post we’ll take a look at the third stage of care…

Acute Care 101: Three Stages of Acute Care

By Lauren | November 9, 2015

Last week I shared with you a story about Kelsey and how her acute symptoms appeared over the course of twenty four hours. The first symptoms, mental and emotional, were very subtle and are generally…

Acute Care 101: Acute Illness Warning Signs

By Lauren | November 3, 2015

Last week I introduced this series on caring for acute cases by explaining the difference between acute and chronic symptoms. Because each one requires a different approach, the protocols and care vary. Today I’m going…

Acute Care 101: Acute or Chronic?

By Lauren | October 26, 2015

What’s the difference between an acute or a chronic symptom? This post is the first in a new series with a focus on acute care. Just in time for allergy and flu season, I will…

Getting Started: Handling Your Acute Symptoms

By Lauren | February 7, 2017

When embracing a natural approach to healthcare one of the most important elements is how to handle acute symptoms. Acute symptoms are those that come on suddenly such as the congestion, sore throat, or body…

Your Home Guide to Gemmotherapy II: Acute Coughs

By Lauren | January 19, 2016

Today, as part of my series on home care with Gemmotherapy, I’d like to share some useful and timely information regarding care for acute coughs in either children or adults. Gemmotherapy actually provides several answers,…


By temp | March 26, 2020

Conversations exploring the building blocks of immunity and the restorative power of Gemmotherapy. All Episodes Subscribe Explore each series


By temp | March 25, 2020

Expert advice fromGemmotherapy Practitioners Book a session with one of our advanced Gemmotherapy interns Are you a new client? First of all, welcome! I am so glad that you’re here and ready to take that…

What Gemmotherapy Can Do for Coughs

By Lauren | October 18, 2019

During cold and flu season, you or someone in your family will develop an acute cough. Coughs are symptoms with a real purpose, one greater than to just be annoying. A series of actions that…

What Gemmotherapy Can Do For Dental Symptoms

By Lauren | March 30, 2019

Dental symptoms were not on my list when compiling the topics for this series – that is – until I was faced with a series of my own dental woes. It was hardly my first…

Beginner’s Guide to Gemmotherapy

By Lauren | August 22, 2018

Beginner’s Guideto Gemmotherapy Are you new to Gemmotherapy? You are in the right place if you’re interested in learning about the health benefits provided by these natural, plant-based extracts. This beginner’s guide will introduce you…