What Gemmotherapy can do for Baby & Child Health

support healthy growth and development in babies and children with gemmotherapy

Gemmotherapy can support healthy growth and development from infancy, well into adolescence, helping our children build immunity for their lifetime. Addressing acute
symptoms at their root, rather than suppressing them, prevents the development of chronic conditions many children experience today.

With the help of Gemmotherapy, our children develop a strong immune system and healthy organs that function at their fullest potential, setting them up for a long and healthy life! I have seen incredible transformations in children’s health through the use of Gemmotherapy, from premature babies never needing a respirator to
chronically ill children growing into strong and vibrant teens.

To learn more, check out my book, Gemmotherapy For Everyone:
Building Immunity In Babies & Young Children

Gemmotherapy Extracts to Support Baby & Child Health

European Blueberry
Common Fig
Black Currant
Silver Birch Buds
Silver Birch Sap
Sea Buckthorn
Silver Lime
Dog Rose

Each extract is intended to be one part of an individualized protocol to restore immunity.

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