What Gemmotherapy Can Do for Menstrual Symptoms

What you have come to believe is normal during monthly menses may not be natural or necessary. After years working with women to address symptoms like painful cramping, lower back pain, leg discomfort, heavy flow, clotting, spotting and short or long cycles, it turns out these can all be resolved. This prompted my post a few years ago, What’s Normal?

The real cause

Hormone imbalance often takes the hit for these symptoms, but it’s not the root cause. The lack of harmony stems from adrenal fatigue and poor stool elimination. In fact, the monthly cleaning of the uterus and vagina can also serve as an overflow for weeks of less than optimal cleaning from the bowel and kidney. The patterns for this are set in adolescence with the onset of a menstrual cycle. In What Moms of Young Girls Need to Know, I explain the link between elimination and menstrual symptoms.  

Why resolving is important

While you can buy countless products today to suppress these symptoms, none resolves them. If they “go away,” why would it be important to solve them? It’s actually very important, because the root of the problem remains, and lingering inflammation can lead to more serious, chronic conditions. One of those conditions is endometriosis you can read Margaret’s story here.

What you can do

You can use Gemmotherapy extracts to restore optimal elimination and support the adrenals, which resolves inflammation and allow hormones to harmonize. The extracts are to be taken three weeks each month, stopping during the menstrual flow. Cases in my practice have been resolved with either Silver Birch Sap, Blackthorn or Blueberry, supported by Black Currant for adrenal health.

In addition, a dairy-free diet is critical. While a completely plant-based diet will provide best results, simply removing all dairy products will be a significant help. Read about this successful case from my practice.

While making these changes and resolving inflammation, you can also use Raspberry and Silver Lime as an acute protocol for menstrual cramping.

Learn more

If you would like further information on Gemmotherapy extracts, you’ll want to read my Beginner’s Guide to Gemmotherapy. Specific information on dosing Gemmotherapy extracts can be found in my books, “An Introduction to Acute Care” and “Building Immunity in Babies and Children.”

For individualized support, I recommend you consult with a practitioner trained in Gemmotherapy to restore immunity, or consider working directly with me. Looking for a deeper understanding? Consider taking my next Foundations of Gemmotherapy series.

The information above is for educational purposes and not meant to replace the care and guidance of your health care practitioner.