Acute Care: The latest news on Gemmotherapy for COVID

November 1, 2020

I invite you to listen to this very special conversation with two remarkable practitioners from Europe.  As the number of COVID cases climb in their home countries these two women have experienced tremendous success with Gemmotherapy protocols.  Dr. Dana Campaen is a private practice physician in Cluj-Napoca and Lena Kozlovets is a health coach in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Both Lena and Dana have supported a number of active COVID cases without the use of prescription medications. Here they share their experiences using specific extracts for common COVID symptoms,  the importance of monitoring emotional health, and what they suggest during the period of convalescence.

Discover my recommended list of extracts for this approaching winter on the previously released podcast,  Acute Care: 20 Extracts to get you through Colds, Flus, and COVID. If you are looking for a health practitioner to support you through this season have a look here.


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