Cowboy: A "Squirrelly" Case To Consider

May 5, 2017


This is far from a typical case in my office but there were multiple positive lessons involved!

Three weeks ago, on a beautiful Saturday morning, I gave an informal talk in the garden of a South Austin treasure, The Herb Bar. Well, as you can imagine, it attracts an eclectic bunch and I always come prepared for all things possible. What I actually wasn’t prepared for, however, was to meet Suzanne and her rat poison damaged squirrel, Cowboy.

Suzanne had driven 3 hours across Texas to come hear me speak as she had a sense Gemmotherapy might be the answer she was in search of. Cowboy was the only survivor of his litter after his mom ate rat poison. Unwilling to leave him in the garden unprotected, Suzanne brought him inside expecting him to pass quietly in the night. That was 18 months ago.

Other than looking like a squirrel, he lacked most squirrel-like abilities and behaviors due to neurological damage from the poison and he suffered 6-8 seizures a day. I watched him twitch and jerk myself throughout my talk at the Herb Bar. When it came time for Q & A, Suzanne asked what I thought might help Cowboy. It didn’t take much thought as he clearly needed the kidney support of Silver Birch Sap to do any detoxing and the neurological support of Silver Lime to resolve the twitching. My belief was that after a few months, we could move to other extracts for seizures and cleaning the blood. Because my practice is just a few blocks away, Suzanne came by for a small bottled blend of Silver Birch Sap and Silver Lime and off she and Cowboy drove, happily back to East Texas.

Although the impression of Cowboy and his condition stuck with me, I honestly didn’t expect to hear a response as that’s the way it is sometimes in the work we do. So, when an email came in from Suzanne a week later, I was pleasantly surprised and even more so when I read what she had to say. With only 1 week of her rubbing 1 drop of the Gemmo combination into Cowboy’s ear twice a day he, according to Suzanne, was exhibiting more squirrel-like behaviors such as showing an interest in climbing and feeding himself, was no longer twitching, and had only had one seizure. Even with my tremendous belief in the power of Gemmotherapy, this seemed pretty incredible!

What a pair they make and what advocates they will be for the healing potential of Gemmotherapy!


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  1. Nicole on May 10, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Love this amazing story!!!

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