Midweek Pause—Truth

October 22, 2014

Photo: Margaret Adie

Photo: Margaret Adie

“The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new”—Pema Chodron

Consider: You are who you believe you are. By speaking about yourself and to yourself in truths you practice loving kindness. When we are loving and kind to ourselves we can be loving and kind to those whose lives we touch. One simple act of truth telling can touch the lives of countless others.

Prepare: What do you say about yourself that you would not tolerate from others? Repeating and reliving old or untruths restrict our beliefs. These limit who we are and what we can accomplish. The truth is… you already know some of your inner dialogue isn’t true. It is just a story that restricts you from being the full person you can actually be.

  • Close your eyes, take three cleansing breaths and ask yourself,
  • “What do I cling to about myself that is not true?”
  • “What real truth can I replace that with?”
  • Now repeat it silently to yourself over and again with your hands on your heart.
  • Say it out loud, inhale with each word, releasing your breath between words.
  • Finally write it down and place it somewhere it can serve as a reminder.

Do: Acknowledge and release an untruth you cling to about yourself today by rewriting a truth.


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