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January 10, 2020

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by Ashley Dalme

My name is Ashley Dalme, and I’m from Louisiana. I am married to my wonderful husband Chris, and we have two kids, Eva and Harrison. I am an art teacher, and I love my job! In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and friends, reading and hiking. 

My coaching experience with Lauren has been great! I enjoy meeting on Zoom, face to face. I like the way the protocols are given in a very organized manner. I like having the opportunity to email when questions/concerns come up in between meetings. The online store is so user friendly, and the shipping is fast.  And I enjoy the straightfowardness and honestly from Lauren.

After coaching, I have more confidence and more peace about treating illnesses for my family and myself. I feel more connected to my children as I have a new perspective on their health and their needs. I feel very proud and more empowered. I feel like I want to learn more about Gemmotherapy so that I can use it as life-long method for health.

I learned specifically about the body’s need to clean, and the support it needs during that process and during illness. I learned how to read a few acute illnesses and how to treat them successfully, how to dose, how often and when to taper off.

I think every illness or health issue is an opportunity! I feel more confident treating acute symptoms with the protocols. My perspective gives me reassurance that using Gemmos/homeopathy is beneficial in a time of illness because they support our organs and help our bodies to heal themselves properly. I feel like the opportunities are endless! I’m not sure exactly yet what they are, but I feel in some way I have a role to share this with others outside of my family, and play some part in the future of Gemmotherapy.


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