A Crash Course in Gemmotherapy

February 24, 2018

What are Gemmotherapy extracts?

The term “Gemmotherapy” originated from the “gem” or bud of the plant that is macerated to create the concentrated extract. It is these first buds or shoots that develop in the Spring that contain the most powerful growth material (like stem cells). This growth material in plants is called meristem cells. It is the presence of these cells in each extract that promotes active cleaning, fortifying and restoring of organ tissue and ultimately optimizing organ function.

The 60+ extracts available today come from specific trees and shrubs in Europe which have recognized medicinal uses dating over the centuries. Our Gemmotherapy extracts are produced according to guidelines outlined by the European Pharmacopoeia and are closely monitored by the health ministry branch of the European Union. This is only true for extracts imported from Europe under the supervision of the FDA. Once in the U.S., Gemmotherapy is viewed as an herbal supplement.

Why consider Gemmotherapy?

Today, most of us, children and adults struggle with a lowered immunity as reflected in the wide range of chronic symptoms experienced. The root cause of a compromised immune function lies in the inability of the body to optimally rid waste product from diet and metabolic action. The waste product that cannot be eliminated then overloads the work of the kidneys and if prolonged, congests the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the liver, and eventually the very organ systems dependant on this cleaning process.

When metabolic waste begins to accumulate through lymphatic stagnation, the pH of the body can no longer remain neutral and states of acidosis develop. Healthy cell production cannot occur in a state of acidosis; tissue begins to degenerate, reducing performance of the organ or glands in the areas affected.

Shifting these states of acidosis is exactly where Gemmotherapy shines and outperforms both herbal extracts and supplements.

Who can benefit from Gemmotherapy?

This gentle yet powerful medicine can be used on newborns to geriatric patients. It provides immediate support for acute illness and infections, leaving the affected organs clean and fortified at the end of treatment and supports the immune system in resolving chronic symptoms.

While I do believe the work of Gemmotherapy extracts can certainly be a missing piece for many, it would be wrong for me to say Gemmotherapy extracts alone are the answer to your symptoms. To restore your immune system Gemmotherapy extracts will need the support of a healthy lifestyle enhanced with a plant based diet, daily movement, and restorative sleep to be successful.

Why I use Gemmotherapy.

As a Homeopath, I faced more unresolved cases than I was willing to accept. This fact led me to revisit my own healing experience in which dietary changes and drainage therapies had made a profound difference. I wanted to capture and provide similar results for my clients. One therapy that I had been prescribed post cancer was Gemmotherapy extracts.

Since integrating Gemmotherapy extracts along with supportive dietary changes into my protocols, I have found tremendous success with clients from 5 days of age to those 85 years and beyond. I have found the extracts to be the perfect first protocol to optimize elimination before the body begins the drainage and detoxifying process stimulated by a whole food, plant based diet. Once elimination is optimized, Gemmotherapy eases any aggravation of symptoms that can occur with Homeopathic and other natural treatments.

You may want to consider learning more about Gemmotherapy and what it can do for you by booking an intake session for yourself.


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