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Whether you are still trying to meet that 2017 intention to begin a committed meditation practice or are an on-and-off-again practitioner needing some support, you may find your answer with Headspace.

Claiming to make meditation simple, Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe has brought to life an amazing app that does exactly what he professes. Watch Andy in this 9 minute TED Talk as he discussed the need he intends to fill with Headspace.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing about my colleague Gail Hurt’s experience with Headspace and thought you would enjoy what she had to say.

What is Headspace?
An application to teach/ support mindfulness through meditation.


What attracted you to Headspace in the first place?
The structure. The fact that I got it as a gift from my daughter as she had used it during the stressful time of studying for a certification exam. The fact that I know that meditation works for stress, chronic pain, etc. and I wanted to do a regular practice that wasn’t too woo-woo. ?  Also, it let me begin in 10 minute increments.


What meditation tools/ instruction have you tried previously?
I did Transcendental meditation during the 70’s (still remember my mantra), have tried various times over the years and numerous techniques in an attempt to be consistent with a practice.


Why did Headspace work for you?
I made a commitment to do it for at least three months in preparation for a women’s mindfulness retreat and I noticed the benefits.


Who would you recommend it for?
I would recommend it for someone who wants to develop a mindfulness meditation practice and who needs structure and information from a neutral (non religious) source. I like the structure, the sense of making progress, the brief “talks” that explain and help me to understand what’s going on (or not). I like that after the first few weeks, you can choose the length of the meditation. (10 – 20 minutes).


What did it help you overcome?
The reluctance to “sit” daily. I decided to begin each day with the practice. Also, I now am OK with doing a weekly meditation group.


What have you noticed in yourself since using Headspace?
I’m noticing when I’m NOT present. The meditation time is going by quickly now (most days). I’m enjoying the increasing understanding of words like “acceptance.” I’m less critical of my thoughts and I’m using the prompts as an opportunity to be more in the present moment.

So what do you think? Might Headspace be for you? Here’s their free offer for ten, 10 minute sessions. Sounds like a deal with nothing to lose and a considerable potential of gain!

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