Coaching Stories: Stephanie

August 25, 2019


Clients who seek my support arrive with varying degrees of self awareness and knowledge of how the body heals. They also vary in their willingness to explore new territory together. It’s always with great pleasure that I meet someone so ready and willing to explore and challenge their own beliefs. Stephanie came to my practice with considerable knowledge of Homeopathy and Gemmotherapy, and yet there was a gap between what she knew and how I practiced. It has been delightful collaborating with Stephanie on her health journey, expanding both of our perspectives along the way.

by Stephanie Widmaier

I am a housewife and piano teacher who loves my music and continuing to grow in my walk with the Lord — and, of course, learning more about Gemmotherapy! I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for fifteen years, and we have a sweet daughter in Heaven, whom the Lord continues to use greatly in my life.

My health issues and a desire to learn more about using Gemmotherapy motivated me to work with Lauren. I was hoping to add to the healing journey I’ve been on, as well as gain more understanding about using Gemmotherapy protocols.

One of the main things I was reminded of is that emotional awareness and dealing with emotions as they come up is a daily, lifelong “to-do,” in order to make more space in the body for good health. I believe that I have a better awareness of my body’s health, both physically and emotionally, and I feel a little more confidence about my health journey — that even working through a state of “stuckness” is more doable.

It has been a delight to work with Lauren!  She is a great listener and asks questions that really cause a person to pause and think. I believe that I have the opportunity to be a better listener and to be more in control of my emotions.

If you’re considering coaching, I’d say be ready to allow the sessions to gradually lead you into a different way of looking at yourself. Then be prepared to learn and apply!


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