Family Success Stories


Vincent & His Mom
After months of not sleeping or eating as much as he needed to thrive, my son was officially diagnosed with food intolerances and sensitivities at 5 months of age. We tried everything suggested to put him back on track for the next three months, but nothing worked until I found Lauren and Gemmotherapy. In as little as three days after we started, I noticed a change in my son. Vincent was calmer and within a couple of weeks, he was eating more and had begun eliminating on a more regular basis than he ever had.

In the months that followed, Lauren helped clean out the vaccine remains and supported Vincent’s pancreatic issues with Gemmotherapy. Lauren was extremely patient and was very kind during the entire experience. She made time when the situation was urgent and helped me understand by explaining what was happening throughout the process. Lauren’s knowledge of Gemmotherapy and nutrition has helped my son prosper and both of our lives healthier as we continue to implement Gemmotherapy in our daily lives


Karin & Theo
I sought help for occasional but recurring migraines/ severe headaches paired with nausea, which were becoming more frequent. I experienced great improvement, in that my migraines have become much less frequent, and I now know what triggers them. As an additional bonus, I experienced some weight loss and overall feeling of better health. My experience was enjoyable, interesting, not extremely difficult despite the fact that it involved changing my family’s diet (which I think is inherently challenging).

I then sought help for my son (then 6 years of age, now 9) who was experiencing behavioral issues (obstinacy, contrariness, extreme mood swings) and health (frequent colds). We have noticed improvements on both fronts. His personality is what it is, but the peaks and valleys are leveling out. Colds turned out to be mostly diet-related and have almost vanished. On a side note, his teeth have also improved. The latest dental checkup was all good, cavity-free, whereas early in this process we had one dentist tell us he needed 9 fillings (not done, btw, due to finding a different dentist). The process with my son was somewhat harder than for me personally, as it involved changing the entire family’s diet somewhat and there has been a lot of resistance; but everyone sees good results, so overall/generally everyone is on board. Taking remedies and Gemmos has been the easy part!


Terrell Family
We’ve had so much success working with Lauren it’s hard to cover it all. I first started seeing her after talking to a friend with a gastro issue who had been quickly helped by Lauren after months of no improvement with a variety of specialists. Fortunately I wasn’t dealing with anything as distressing, but I liked what I heard with both Lauren’s approach and success.

Initially I came to her with mild peri-menopausal symptoms that she helped ease quickly and she has continued to help keep me feeling well and balanced throughout a few somewhat stressful years. My results and rapport made it clear early on that the rest of my family could also benefit from working with her. Over the years we have come to her for more chronic things like sleep issues, ADD, and allergies to acute things like staph infections and help with healing broken bones (too many skateboarders!). We have also seen improvement with things we weren’t really even aware were issues or fixable. My younger son had lots of cavities when he was little even though his diet was not filled with sugar and his tooth care decent (at least for a 6 year old!). I was preparing myself for a lifetime of issues, but the last 4 years have seen cavity-free checkups.

I could go on and on about how lucky we feel to have found Lauren. Though we’ve always been a relatively healthy bunch, even our occasional bouts with colds/flus/alergies have dropped off. When I recommend Lauren to people one of their first questions is about cost and insurance. I always tell them that I’ve been able to take care of our whole family for right around $150 a month. It’s by far the best, most effective money I’ve ever spent on healthcare.