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Acute Care 101: Your Acute Care Supply List

By Lauren | March 21, 2020

Stocking your pantry and fridge for a natural disaster is one thing, but stocking to prepare for illness in your household is quite different. Whether you are preparing for the current threat of coronavirus or…

Gemmo Memo: Giant Redwood

By Lauren | February 28, 2020

Sequoia Gigantea is native to California, growing on the wester slope of the Sierra Nevadas, continuing north into Oregon. It grows up to 400 feet tall. In addition to its height, the girth is spectacular,…

Gemmo Memo: Dog Rose

By Lauren | February 23, 2020

As you approach the forest edge, it’s hard to miss spotting the distinctive, thorned tangled of canes and delicate pink blossoms of Dog Rose. The prickly, arching stems commonly form hedgerows between pasture lands or…

Gemmo Memo: European Blueberry

By Lauren | February 14, 2020

Vaccinium myrtillus is found natively in Northern Europe, the British Isles, Ireland, Iceland and across the Caucasus into northern Asia. It can be found growing in its natural state across heathlands, thriving in acidic and…

Gemmo Memo: Field Maple

By Lauren | February 7, 2020

Acer campestre, also known as Field or Hedge Maple, is a fast growing, medium tree maturing to 30-50’. Widespread in its natural state, Field Maple can be found across Europe and as far east as…

Gemmo Memo: Silver Birch

By Lauren | February 1, 2020

Betula verrucosa, Silver Birch tree, is the one species in which the seeds, sap and bud are each made into Gemmotherapy extracts. Each one of these extracts offer a very specific tonifying action, and all…

Gemmo Memo: Common Birch

By Lauren | January 24, 2020

The tree Betula pubescens, also known as Betula alba, has many common names, including downy birch, moor birch, white birch, European white birch or hairy birch. Common Birch, as we refer to it in Gemmotherapy,…

Gemmo Memo: Common Alder

By Lauren | January 17, 2020

Native to Europe, Russia, Turkey and Iran, Alnus glutinosa grows up to 70’ (21 meters) in height, always near or in water. Classified as an invasive species in the United States, it was originally planted…

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