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Online Training

The world needs more health care practitioners using research based, results oriented, natural protocols. Healthcare practitioners need quality tools to help their patients/ clients clean and heal. Because traveling to a live seminar is not always possible, I have created a collection of webinars and study guides that introduce and instruct practitioners in a modern, self-paced approach to Gemmotherapy. Purchase the most recent webinars for download here.

All participants are invited to join a private Facebook group that is used as an ongoing forum for practitioners in training. Post your questions and cases and get input from other students as well as case supervision by me.

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Live Online Clinics

Join fellow practitioners online each month in a lively Q&A forum to share cases, success stories, and challenges with Gemmotherapy.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Live Online Discussions

Join fellow practitioners online each month in a lively, informal, and enlightening discussion based on a different topic each time.

Friday, April 21, 2017: Let’s Talk About Lauren’s Stage Two Checklist

Live Webinars
Webinars are 1.5 hours in length and include 1 hour of dense content followed by 30 minutes of Q & A. Each series offers the beginning practitioner clear proven paths to protocol selection for clients as well as opportunity for review and discussion with those who have been using Gemmotherapy in their practices. In advance of each webinar, participants will receive an outline and topic specific handouts. Additionally, they will also be recorded and available for viewing afterward should you be unable to attend the scheduled live event.

The next series of webinars is scheduled for Spring 2017. Past webinars are recorded and available for purchase in our store.

In Person Seminars & Training

lauren hubele

With 20 years experience as an educator, I thrive in the classroom setting and when it comes to presenting on Gemmotherapy, I am in my element. I know personally how powerful it can be to learn directly from a practitioner experienced in a particular therapy. My goal is to create communities of practitioners who can learn and practice Gemmotherapy in a supported manner. Come join in on my next live seminar!

Upcoming Events
Leyden, MA – Gemmotherapy Weekend Retreat & Two Day Workshop
March 10, 2017- March 12, 2017
(includes room & board for 2 nights, 6 gluten free/ plant based meals & 5 brand new Gemmotherapy w/ Lauren Hubele sessions)

Past Events

October 2016 – Berkeley, CA
Gemmotherapy for Acute Care
Gemmotherapy 101 & 102 for Chronic Symptoms

July 2016 – Austin, Texas
Gemmotherapy for Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Babies

May 2016 – Boston, Massachusetts
Gemmotherapy for Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Babies
The Hubele Method: Stage One and Stage Two Clinics

April 2016 – Austin, Texas
Gemmotherapy for Acute Care

February 2016 – Needham, Massachusetts
Integrating Gemmotherapy into Your Homeopathic Practice (Stage 1 & Stage 2)

December 2015 – Needham, Massachusetts
Integrating Gemmotherapy into Your Homeopathic Practice (Intro & Acute)

October 2015 – Needham, Massachusetts
Integrating Gemmotherapy into Your Homeopathic Practice (Intro)


Practitioner Testimonials

“My first interaction with Lauren created a positive energy and I felt invigorated to learn her techniques. Her specific protocols of the process of elimination, cleansing of the organs, using Gemmotherapy extracts to enhance a beautiful beginning happens naturally through her process. I value her expertise, incredible knowledge and fascinating learning tools in creating the perfect balance of health. I truly admire Lauren and look forward to a continual journey of healing one day at a time….”  
~ Nancy Rice (Sutton, MA)

“Lauren Hubele is light years ahead of the bell curve on today’s approaches for health and wellness. Her insights into how disease thrives in an acidic body and Gemmotherapy’s ability to gently redirect that body to heal itself is simple, but unbelievably profound. I cannot wait to implement Gemmotherapy on my loved ones and clients too. We need more Gemmotherapy practitioners in this world and I encourage anyone with a desire to build up the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of patients to examine this protocol. It delivers!”
~ Dana Davis-O’Connor, CCH, RShom (NA)

“Thank you, Lauren, for sharing the gift Gemmos! Your teaching is alive, easily accessible and encouraging. It’s so helpful to see your process broken down into attainable steps. Students are able to apply your lessons upon completion of each class. Thank you for generously sharing from your own experiences and giving your students the tools to succeed.”
Tanya Renner, CCH, RSHom (NA)

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking an online webinar of Lauren’s Gemmotherapy class as well as attended a couple of her Gemmotherapy classes. Lauren has a wonderful, peaceful and practical way of educating. Lauren gives you a complete step-by-step package of learning about Gemmos, from delivering information on what they are to how to use them, along with case examples of resolutions. I look forward to her future classes.”
     ~ Cheryl Pino, CCH (cand) / Homeopath at Good Life Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies