While acute care protocols are of great benefit, Gemmotherapy makes its greatest contribution to health when used in protocols focused on building immunity in babies and children and restoring immunity in adults. Protocols that harmonize the nervous system, optimize bowel and kidney elimination and supporting adrenal function lead to the restoration of organ function, improving immunity.

Practitioners trained in this method of applying Gemmotherapy can guide you to a protocol best suited to restore your immunity.

When bowel elimination is less frequent than twice daily or is unformed, urgent, or painful, the daily cleaning necessary to establish or restore a healthy immune response is diminished. The effects of poor elimination are clearest when observing a baby or young child. The most common chronic symptoms in children—colic, ear inflammation, sinus congestion, croup, inflamed bronchi or asthmatic coughing, skin conditions such as eczema—all have their beginning in less than optimal bowel elimination. Correct this with a gemmotherapy protocol and diet, and the immune system will quickly get to work. Alternatively, if you let the condition continue or suppress it, the condition will get worse and more complex symptoms will appear.

Silver Birch Sap

Silver Birch Sap

The gemmotherapy extracts most useful in optimizing bowel elimination in children include Silver Birch Sap, Blueberry, Blackthorn, Fig, Lingonberry, and Walnut. For adults, the list is the same, with the addition of Juniper.

However, selecting the correct extract and dosage to optimize elimination is more involved than addressing acute symptoms with a set protocol. To be successful and not aggravate present symptoms and not create new symptoms by detoxing too quickly, one must learn to read the symptoms of vitality (eyes, teeth, hair, skin, sleep, and family history) and use those to choose the correct extract and dosage. Learning about these symptoms of vitality as well as the indications for use of each gemmotherapy extract is highly recommended but beyond the scope of this article (see Gemmotherapy Resources for more info). Alternatively, contact a practitioner who has experience optimizing elimination with gemmotherapy and plant-based diets.

Please note: This information is not meant to replace the care and advice of your medical provider.
Juniper and Common Alder are two extracts that must be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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