Alicia and family

Last week I shared my humbling experience of being caught off guard by all of the newness I encountered following our long-awaited move. To make it all the more challenging, at the very same time there were three exciting changes underway in my business. While each was planned to be rolled out sequentially over time, somehow the stars aligned with a different plan. Please allow me to introduce you to each of the changes for 2019.

Alicia Philley

After nearly a year of support and easing me into the idea and value of a remote office assistant, Alyssa Johnson will be moving on to dedicate herself to her own growing business. Alyssa came on board just before all of the months of house moves. During this period she offered incredible stability through my professional and personal transitions. Thank you Alyssa!

Training with Alyssa the past weeks is Alicia Philley, pictured above with her family. Alicia will be taking on Alyssa’s duties and more, stepping into the expanded role of my executive assistant. Her time will be spent supporting clients and store customers, and as project manager for my training programs and speaking events. She will be available to you by phone (512-956-2206) or email ( 8:30 AM - 12 PM CST, Monday - Thursday

While new to the position, Alicia is not new to me or my practice. Her family members have been long-time clients and she has had a front row seat as my practice has evolved. Alicia comes well-prepared for the work ahead with a background of serving as an executive assistant in New York while she pursued her degree in painting. After taking several years off from her art career to focus on her children’s health, Alicia returned to painting and showing her art two years ago. (

She has resided in South Austin now for ten years with her husband and two daughters. When not working for me and taking care of her family, Alicia paints, take greenbelt walks with her dog Auggie and reads.

Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele

You may have already paid a visit to our new store platform but if you haven’t please have a look! While in the planning for well over a year, our life circumstances just didn’t allow for all that was involved to test and implement new software for extract sales. Although there is still some work to be done, the all new Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele is up and running. Those of you with a tech background will note it is directly embedded in my website and runs on WooCommerce, which offers us considerable more flexibility than the former platform.

Online Scheduling

And just a head’s up. If you are a client and book your appointments online you will soon notice a new look to our scheduling software. This update has been on my to do list for the past year and will be launched by the weekend. You will find the tasks of paying for appointments, managing time zones and rescheduling to be much easier.

So, if it’s alright with you, I am going to take a breather from all of this change and adjusting to new. I think I am good on change for quite some time. While change can be exhilarating, it takes energy - and winter is not typically the season for expending it. Winter is for building our store of energy in preparation for the burst of new growth in spring. Although I won’t have the luxury of hibernating these final weeks of winter I will be treasuring the opportunity, when possible, to turn my energy inward, nesting into my new home, teaming up with Alicia to plan the year ahead and re-establishing some grounding daily routines.

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