Perhaps you or a loved one has faced a breast cancer diagnosis. Following the diagnosis, you are immediately directed down a well-paved and intricate path of treatment. At a time where there is a great need to feel powerful, this path can evoke just the opposite feeling. Tests and treatments are accumulating, but what about steps that you can take for yourself? What can you or your loved one do to restore a sense of ownership in your health?

There is actually quite a bit that can be done, and research shows that making specific lifestyle changes will do more than promote a sense of well-being. Improving the quality of your sleep, engaging in daily exercise, eating a plant laden diet, and restoring optimal stool elimination can actually enhance your immunity and promote longevity.

In the conventional medical arena cancer quickly becomes the arch enemy. Today’s “war” on breast cancer is carried out with an attack against the diseased cells themselves beginning with surgical removal of affected and surrounding tissue. Further efforts are then made to prevent recurrence through chemotherapy, radiation and medicinally suppressing the malfunctioning immune system. In many cases, patients are monitored after remission for any return of the cells. But does any of this address why breast cancer occurred in the first place?

It’s Actually Not About the Cancer

While there is considerable genetic research about the strains of breast cancer and the genetic causes, breast cancer is still considered to be one of several modern lifestyle diseases. If that is true then perhaps the emphasis should be placed on the lifestyle that led to its development in the first place? Instead of 100% of the effort going toward doing battle, why not put equal emphasis on the prevention of recurrence.

This website run by Dr. Greger is an excellent resource that’s full of evidence-backed steps you can take to prevent recurrence of diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Restoring the immune system that allowed cancer cells to multiply is another consideration. Our immune system is designed to neutralize and eliminate pathogens. Gemmotherapy extracts applied systematically in tandem with a plant-based diet can support the restoration of healthy immune function.

The holistic path for restoring immunity is one I teach and practice and it begins with optimizing elimination. For more information on the path, I propose you read my blog posts on Influencing Immunity and Rethinking Elimination.

What you can do during treatment

There happens to be a few specific Gemmotherapy protocols my colleagues and I have found to be supportive during stages of cancer treatment. While I teach and practice from a holistic view on dis-ease and chronic conditions there are times general protocols are useful.
These particular protocols have proven to be extremely helpful during acute stages described below.

As support during chemotherapy for all cancers except for kidney:
AM Juniper and Black Currant - supporting kidney and adrenal function
Before Dinner Hazel - supporting immune function

For acute nausea and symptoms associated with chemotherapy
Common Fig and Silver Lime - supporting a healthy nervous system and digestive function and the emotional processing required during cancer treatment.

Post Surgery (for up to four weeks) supporting the restoration of a healthy elimination function
A combination of Silver Birch Sap, Black Currant and Lingonberry - 3x daily

What you can do the rest of your life

Restoring immunity is key for preventing recurrence. Committing to essential lifestyle changes that support your immunity is the first step. Combining those changes with a systematic approach to optimize elimination and restore your immunity with Gemmotherapy extracts will support your health over time.

In cases of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers, the medication Tamoxifen is often prescribed. While Tamoxifen is an estrogen inhibitor it has also proven to be an immune modulator. The use of Tamoxifen must be taken into consideration when considering adjunct support to restore immunity.

If you would like further information on Gemmotherapy extracts you’ll want to read my Beginner’s Guide on Gemmotherapy. For individualized support, I recommend you consult with a practitioner trained in Gemmotherapy to restore immunity or consider working directly with me. Looking for a deeper understanding? Consider taking my next Foundations of Gemmotherapy series.

The above following is advisory only and should never replace advice from your healthcare provider.

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