Happy Healthy Babies Part I: It Really Is All About Elimination

In my perfect practice I would have an opportunity to work with every new mom and baby. Not because I don’t enjoy all the other age groups that I have the honor to serve, but because that is when the most profound changes can be made – and simply! With minor support to the vital organs in the first year or two of life, a host of chronic conditions can be prevented completely.

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My reason for focusing on elimination and its critical role in the health of all living beings is never more clearly displayed than it is in babies and toddlers. However, I've been told by parent after parent, no other practitioner has shown any concern about their child’s elimination until now.  Why is that so? I’ll tell you what I know to be true...

It is rare that an allopathic MD will raise an eyebrow at your baby or child missing a bowel movement or two or even three. And the reason why is that medical doctors are trained to look at the body through the lens of disease diagnosis and medicine. A missed or infrequent bowel movement is not a disease. If there is discomfort from missed bowel movements, then there are medicines that will relieve the symptoms and they can be prescribed. They have, at their disposal, a solution.

It is this limited focus on solutions rather than cure that has led countless health practitioners towards the various alternative health practices. These practitioners wanted to offer their patient/ clients more, so they looked to chiropractic training, naturopathic training, acupuncture, homeopathy, and often a combination of fields. This is certainly what led me, first for healthcare for myself and my family and next for my own training.

In the alternative form of medicine that I practice, combining Gemmotherapy Extracts, a Plant Based Diet and Homeopathy, I search for the cure not a solution. Elimination is key because when it is not optimal the natural pattern of the body to clean and heal are disturbed and the body begins to compensate for this inadequate cleaning system. Infrequent elimination is the start of a chain of increasingly serious symptoms that can be completely prevented quite easily in the babies.

That is why I’ll be kicking off a new series this month of May on Happy Healthy Babies and sharing a story or two along the way. We’re going to talk about colic, acid reflux, cradle cap, croup, and more. If only I had known what I do now my years as a young mother would have passed with much more ease. More importantly, I would have prevented a host of symptoms in my children. Due to my personal experiences and my clinical practice I am absolutely passionate about sharing this knowledge. It is my hope that shedding some light on this subject, for new parents and even those who have been at it for some years, will provide you a new perspective on your baby or child’s health. As you follow along this month you may be led to discover the root of your child’s symptoms and help restore their natural abilities to clean and heal their young body.

I’ve written a lot about elimination in the past years (to say the least) but for the purpose of this new series on babies I’d like to call your attention to this article and graphic. The article explains my fundamental philosophy on elimination and what the lack of leads to. As for the graphic, I am fortunate to have on my team the gifted designer Christine Terrell who I owe so much to for her ability to bring sense and life to all the wild connections I make in my head. This graphic is a classic example of her work and clearly depicts the importance of addressing elimination early.


Looking forward to the weeks ahead!

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